Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spring onion pancake (Roti canai style) 葱油饼

1 cup  flour ( 250g )
1/3 cup hot water 
1/4 tsp salt
2 stalks spring onion ( only the green portion, cut into small pieces )
some cooking oil or olive oil
some cold water

1. Sieve flour and salt into a big bowl.
2. Add in hot water slowly and keep stirring as you pour in the water.

3. When it cools down slightly, add in about 10ml cold water to knead the dough. Add more water if necessary and continue to knead so as to get a soft and smooth dough.

4. Cover the dough in a bowl with a piece of damp cloth and set aside for 2 hours. 

5. On a slightly floured surface, roll out the dough as thin as possible.

6. Pour about 2-3 tbsp oil on the rolled out surface. Use hand to spread it evenly on the whole surface. Make sure the surface is fully "oiled". 

7. Sprinkle spring onion evenly on the surface.

8. Roll up from one end to the other ( like swiss roll ).

9. Cut into six pieces.

10. Pinch at the two cut ends of each piece of dough to seal and prevent the spring onion and oil from coming out.
11. Flatten each piece using your palm.

12. Roll out each piece lightly.

13. Heat up about 1/2 tbsp oil in a non-stick pan. Use tissue paper to wipe off any excess oil.
14. Fry the pancake over medium high flame.

15. When it's turning light brown, toss to fry the other side until the pancake is cooked.
16. This pancake can be eaten plain or with sambal chili.

* Roti canai can be made the same way. Just omit the spring onion.

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