Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Braised sea cucumber and mushroom

100g dried sea cucumber (Soaked and cleaned: Refer to my earlier post)
10 mushrooms (soaked and each cut into quarters)
3 stalks spring onions ( cut into 2" lentgth)
1 pc thumb size ginger ( sliced)
5 cloves garlic (chopped finely)
6 tbsp oil
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp shao xing wine
2 tbsp thick soy sauce
2 tbsp light soy sauce

1. Boil the sea cucumber (cleaned and ready to be cooked) with about 5-6 slices ginger in a pot. Drain dry.
2. Heat oil in saucepan. Fry garlic, ginger and spring onions until a bit golden brown.

3. Put in sea cucumber, shao xing oil and fry for 2 minutes followed by the mushroom, salt, light soy sauce, thick soy sauce and oyster sauce. Stir fry to mix well.
5. Add in a cup of water and bring to boil
4. Cover and cook for about 45-60 minutes until the sea cucumber is tender.
5. Dish out and garnish with some spring onions to serve.

* alternatively, use 400g soaked sea cucumber.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and red chili flakes

250g spaghetti (3-4 servings)
1/2 cup button mushroom (cut into thin slices)
200g chicken fillet (sliced and marinated with soya sauce and 1 tbsp cornflour)
5 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic (chopped finely)
1 tsp red chili flakes
2 tbsp dried parsley 
1 tbsp oyster sauce
pinch of salt
*optional : 50g broccoli ( cut into fine pieces)

1. Boil spaghetti in a pot according to package instruction. Drain dry.
2. Heat olive oil in saucepan.
3. Add chopped garlic and chicken fillet to stir fry until chicken is cooked.

4.  Add in the button mushroom, oyster sauce, red chili flakes and pinch of salt. Stir fry to mix well.

5. Pour the boiled spaghetti into the saucepan to cook with the other ingredients.
6. Mix well. If necessary add a little bit more olive oil.

7. Lastly, add in the dried parsley.
8. Dish out and serve hot.